Hilti DX5 MX Cartridge Nail Gun – Magazine Fed

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Hilti | DX6-MX

This Hilti DX 5-MX  which has replaced the old DX 460 is ideal for fastening nails up to 72mm into steel and concrete. The magazine fed version for collated nails saves you the time of reloading nails for each fixing. This is tool is a digitally enabled, fully automatic, high-productivity and versatile powder actuated tool for fastening single nails. Powered by explosive safety cartridges.

Key Features

  • Fastening wood and metal sheet to concrete, sand-lime block masonry or steel
  • Fastening 2x4s to concrete
  • Attaching drainage foils and membranes to concrete or CMU block
  • Fastening perimeter wall, deflection or slip clips to concrete and steel
  • Installing Hilti formstop elements on concrete

18004 Hilti DX5 MX Cartridge Nail Gun - Magazine Fed

Weight 3.37KG
Fastner Length 12 – 72mm
Cartridge Type .27 Calibre Short, 6.8/11 M10
Auto Piston Return Yes
Max Power 325 J
Power Regulation Yes

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