Hilti DX6-F8 Cartridge Nail Gun

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Hilti | DX6 F8

Digitally enabled, fully automatic, highly versatile powder-actuated fastening tool for single fasteners on wood and metal sheet to concrete, sand-lime block, masonry, or steel.

Key Features

  • Automatic piston return and cartridge advancement equip you to work up to 5 times faster
  • Built-in connectivity with the Hilti Connect app – putting key tool data, how-to videos and technical support at the operator’s fingertips
  • Precise control helps to deliver consistent, more accurate fastening
  • On-board display shows when your nailer needs cleaning or maintenance

18003 Hilti DX6-F8 Cartridge Nail Gun

Weight 3.37KG
Fastener Length 13 – 72mm
Fastener Intake Single Nail
Cartridge Type 6.8 / 11 M10 for DX 6 titanium, black
Auto Piston Return Yes
Max Power 335 J
Power Regulation Yes

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