committed to working towards a sustainable future

At THX we are committed to working towards creating a more sustainable environment to protect future generations and the world around us.

We recognise that sustainability is a journey and a long term commitment, but believe that by working towards our target of net zero by 2040, we will have significantly lessened the footprint we leave behind as a business.





We are a Certified Carbon Neutral Business

THX became a Carbon Neutral Business in October 2022.

Working alongside Carbon Neutral Britain , we measured and calculated our total carbon footprint for 2021/2022 and then off-set our total organisational emissions to become Carbon Neutral.

THX is offsetting its total carbon emissions through the Carbon Neutral Britain Climate Fund. These are internationally certified carbon offsetting projects that have been selected based on their direct and indirect impact on sustainability around the world.

United Nation Sustainable Dev Goals

UN Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are a globally recognised blueprint to help achieve a more sustainable world. There are 17 goals, covering a wide range of challenges such as climate change, sustainable cities and communities, poverty, industry innovation and infrastructure.

THX’s sustainability goals are aligned where we can with the wider global framework of the UN Social Development Goals. Our core corporate goals relating to sustainability focus on:

  • Climate Action
  • Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Life on Land
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities
Ariel shot of construction site

The Built Environment – Environmental Impact

In 2019, the UK set a target to reach net zero greenhouse emissions by 2050. Construction is one of the main industries impacting carbon emissions globally, and currently contributes to approximately 40% of the UK’s total carbon emissions.

As an industry, we can work together towards reducing the level of emissions construction produces.  And, all businesses (both big and small) operating within the built environment can play a part in developing measures that help support the UN SDGs.

Tool Hire Business Model


The tool hire industry operates a model that is founded on sustainability. Products are re-used over and over through a cycle of hiring, returning, servicing or re-purposing, and re-hiring.

At THX we want to further develop our sustainability model by ensuring that our business reflects practices that can support UN SDGs and the UKs 2050 net zero greenhouse emissions targets.


our sustainability goals

Journey to Net Zero

We recognise that reaching our goal of Net Zero by 2040 will be a journey of stages and not something we will achieve overnight.

Therefore, we are committed to implementing as many supporting initiatives (both big and small) over the coming years, to help us reach our net zero target.

As part of our climate action strategy and a stepping stone towards net zero we became a Certified Carbon Neutral Business in October 2022.

Electrical vehicles in a row

Electric Vehicles

To support our sustainability targets, we want 40% of our company vehicles to be electric by 2024.

We’ve already moved the majority of our sales fleet from petrol to electric and have just installed a number of new electric charging points at our THX SuperHub.

We are currently investigating electric delivery vans  with the long term aim of operating a lower carbon delivery fleet.




With a goal of reducing the amount of plastic waste we dispose of by 75% over the next year, we are committed to significantly decreasing the amount single use plastic we purchase and consume as a business.

Many of these changes will come from within the business. However, we will also be encouraging our own suppliers to think about the packaging they use on the products we purchase from them.




FORS Gold Accreditation certification


FORS Gold is the highest fleet operator accreditation and demonstrates our on-going commitment to, not only industry best practice, but sustainable practices such as:

  • Minimising our fleet’s environmental impact. We are increasing the number  sustainable journeys through more efficient vehicles that deliver lower carbon emissions.



Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We are looking across our business into how we can better Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

We are committed to reducing our use of single use plastics through sourcing and replacing products with more sustainable alternatives.

We have improved the waste facilities at our Superhub to make segregating waste easier for our teams to recycle.

Green D HBO fuel box

Sustainable Products and Procurement

We are bringing more sustainable products onto our hire fleet and working with an increasing number of suppliers who are net zero, carbon neutral, or taking significant steps towards sustainability.

Sustainable procurement is an important part of our sustainability journey and an area that we are continuing to improve and develop.

silver badge supply chain sustainability school


Continuous learning will help us better understand sustainability and enable us to assess and improve how we operate.

As part of that learning process we are a member of the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

The school offers learning pathways that cover key topics relating to sustainability in construction. From strategy to procurement, social value to environmental management – the school is a great resource for all companies working within the built environment.


Sustainable Commuting

We encourage our teams to think about how they could commute to work in a way that would lessen the impact on the environment. From our end we have rolled out initiatives to help incentivise a more sustainable journey to work.

Cycle Scheme: THX is signed up to CycleScheme enabling staff to save money on a new bike and spread the cost

Car Sharing: Car Sharers get a priority, guaranteed car parking space at our Superhub.

Electric Charging Points: We have installed a number of electric charging points for the team to use if they have electric vehicles

Eco-Anytime Deliveries

We introduced our Eco-Anytime slot as an alternative delivery option that could help us reduce the daily emissions produced by our deliveries.

Our ‘Eco-Anytime’ slot enables our transport team to pack and schedule our fleet vehicles in the most efficient way possible to reduce the number of journeys required and lower daily fuel emissions.

Efficient loading helps reduce our daily emissions

Loading our vehicles for maximum efficiency not only helps reduce the number of journeys our fleet takes (reducing our daily emissions), it also ensures safe, efficient loading and unloading.

carbon offsetting projects

Carbon Neutral Projects

Carbon Offsetting Projects

THX is offsetting its total carbon emissions through the Carbon Neutral Britain Climate Fund. These are internationally certified carbon offsetting projects (Verified Carbon Standard; Gold Standard Voluntary Emissions Reductions; and Certified Emission Reductions.

  • Rusk Husk Power, Cambodia
  • Burgos Wind Farm Project, Philippines
  • Andes Mountains Hydro Power, Chile
  • Huaneng Changyi Wind Farm Project, China

The projects have been selected based on their direct and indirect impact on sustainability around the world.