SPIT Pulsa 40E Cordless Gas Nail Gun

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SPIT | Pulsa 40E

The Pulsa 40E Cordless Gas Nailer is an impressive nailer ideal for applications in steel, masonry, timber, and concrete.

Key Features

  • Increased productivity with a battery capacity of 3500 shots per charge
  • Maximum dust protection – reduces the risk to dangerous silica dust
  • Reduced Hand Arm Vibration – Low exposure levels by mitigating drilling

18007 SPIT Pulsa 40E Cordless Gas Nail Gun

Weight 3.7kg
Impact Force 82 J
Fixings per Sec 2
Magazine Capacity 20 Fixings
Fuel Cell Capacity 500 Shots
Nail Sizes 15-40mm
HAVs 4.1 m/secĀ²
Battery Charge Time 105 Min
Fixings Per Battery Charge 3500

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