• The THX Protect Damage Waiver covers the cost of theft or accidental damage to equipment hired through THX Ltd.
  • Repair to or replacement of plant tools and equipment accidentally damaged whilst in the custody or control of the ‘Hirer’ will not be chargeable if the damage waiver fee has been paid or formally accepted at the commencement of the contract.
  • If you do not wish to be covered by the THX Protect Damage Waiver, then you must provide a copy of your hired-in plant insurance.
  • Exceptions to damage waiver cover: Please note that the THX Protect Damage Waiver does not cover damage caused willfully or by neglect and disregard of operating instructions. For example: Tools and equipment left in a non-secure location; Tools and equipment used without reference to, or following of, operating instructions;Tools and equipment damaged with deliberate intent.
  • Nor does it cover equipment stolen in circumstances where the Hirer does not report the theft to the police and provide THX (the Owner) with the relevant crime reference number or whereby the Hirer’s negligence or lack of reasonable care has contributed to the theft.
  • The THX Protect Damage Waiver does not cover the following equipment: (i.) Alloy scaffold towers; (ii) Consumable items such as abrasives and drill bits; (iii) Components of items for which a specific wear charge is made.
  • Cost and excess: The cost of the Damage Waiver is 15% of the hire rate and must be paid or formally accepted at the commencement of the contract and applied across the whole account.
  • There is zero excess for all equipment, other than plant, PAVs, and powered access which attracts £1000 excess for every claim.
  • The Damage Waiver is subject to the Hirer’s full compliance with all of its obligations under the contract.