ESG AND OUR COMMITMENT TO making a difference

At THX we recognise that we have a responsibility to consider the impact our business has on the wider world around us – the environment, local communities, our customers, and our colleagues. We integrate Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG)  considerations into our operations and strive to create a positive impact on the environment, society, and all our stakeholders.  

We actively look at ways to make a positive contribution, improve sustainability, reduce our impact on the environment, invest in people, give back to the community, and uphold strong corporate governance.


Our environmental initiatives encompass a range of efforts aimed at reducing our ecological footprint. We look to incorporate sustainable practices across our operations and are committed to working towards a sustainable future for the generations to come.


Minimising our impact

Operating within the hire industry means single products are used over and over again in a sustainable cycle of  hiring, servicing, re-purposing, re-hiring.

However, we believe that as a business we should aim to minimalise the impact we have on the world around us.

We are committed to continuously assessing and improving the way that we work – to ensure operational efficiency and lessen the impact of the footprint we leave.

Examples of sustainability initiatives

Supporting New Initiatives

At THX we support initiatives, both big and small, that contribute to achieving our sustainability goals. For example;

  • We recently became FORS Gold Accredited – demonstrating our commitment to reducing our environmental impact.
  • We have introduced the option for customers to select greener ‘Anytime’ slots for deliveries and collections. This enables fleet vehicles to be packed and dispatched in the most efficient way possible to reduce the number of  journeys required.
  • We are in the process of moving our company sales fleet vehicles from petrol to electric.
  • We have improved our waste facilities at our Superhub to make segregating waste ready for recycling even easier.
  • We are bringing more sustainable products onto our hire fleet and working with an increasing number of carbon neutral suppliers.




We firmly believe in the power of social responsibility and aim to actively contribute to the betterment of the communities we serve. We are dedicated to maintaining safe and inclusive work environment, promoting diversity and equal opportunities, and providing professional development and training programs for our employees.

Black and white montage of THX staff

Our People

Our HR team works hard to ensure that THX recruits ethically and attracts applicants from a wide range of backgrounds to increase diversity across the business.

Consequently, we have a fantastic team of people at THX – diverse in gender, race, and religion.

We are committed to ensuring a safe workplace for our team. We are a Living Wage Employer.


Meet the Team
Developing skills

Developing Skills

Investing in our colleagues is important. We believe in developing a scope of skills, from those core to specific roles to wider skills for personal and professional development. We proactively encourage and support team members to undertake learning for career development.  For example recent training includes;

  • HGV training
  • Forklift training
  • Health and Safety training
  • Management Training
  • Marketing Qualifications

In addition, everyone in the company has free access to the LinkedIn Learning portal.

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THX proactively supports access to work for people entering the workplace for the first time – such as school leavers.

We offer Hire Trainees and Apprentices the opportunity to gain experience across different aspects of the business from warehouse and workshop through to account management.

We endeavor to equip those in their early careers with self awareness, a range of transferable skills, and potential career direction.

Hear from our hire trainees…

Curtis Denny Photo

Read Curtis’ Story….

“I Joined THX from school as part of the Hire Trainee scheme, this helped me get a thorough understanding of all departments, improve product knowledge, and learn a lot of skills that have been very useful since I’ve moved into the Account manager team. I have been part of the Account manager team for 2 years now and there would have been a lot of questions I would have been stuck on, if it wasn’t for the experience gained through the hire trainee scheme.”

Curtis Denny, Customer Xperience Executive, THX


Struan Sims

Read Struan’s Story….

I joined the THX team at the beginning of 2022.  Following a brief introduction to various roles across the company, I have started off in the warehouse to gain a thorough knowledge of the products and processes including forklift training and delivery driving experience. It’s early days but I appreciate the benefits the hire trainee scheme is bringing and the investment THX makes in its people.”


Struan Sims, Purchasing Executive, THX


We believe in giving back to the wider community, through volunteering, supporting employee fundraising initiatives and donating to charitable causes.

Volunteering photos

Offering our support

Initiatives include;

  • Active involvement in Rapid Relief Team – supporting communities in need
  • Focus Payroll Giving Scheme
  • Supporting employee fundraising efforts
  • Donating regularly to a number of charitable causes
  • Opportunities for customers to opt for a charitable donation on their behalf instead of an end of year gift.


Charities we support


We adhere to a set of ethical and transparent practices that guide our decision-making processes and ensure accountability at all levels of our organisation.

Black and White portrait of CEO Anthony Fryer

THX Corporate Governance

High Standards of Governance

The THX Board is passionate about prioritising  good governance practices to foster and environment of accountability and transparency.

By maintaining high standards of governance, we protect the interests of all our stakeholders – our employees, customers, the wider community.

Through regular monitoring and continuous improvement, we strive to uphold ethical conduct, effective risk management, and sustainable business practices.

Ian Thompson in THX Boardroom


Accountability at all Levels of our Organisation

By incorporating Environment, Social, and Governance considerations into our business model, we strive to create long-term value for our business and all its stakeholders.

We understand that our employee, suppliers, customers, and investors want assurance that the decisions we make are in their best interests and that we are accountable for those decisions.


Our Values & Core Competencies



Always ready to listen and learn from our customers



Challenging the status quo with innovation



Delivering a first-rate hire experience



Ready to help from 6am

Ability to understand industry issues
Ability to deliver and collect on time
Ability to communicate with all parties