Spotlight on REMS. Out latest ‘Spotlight On’ article takes looks at REMS – one of our premium M&E hire brands


At THX ensuring the quality of the products we hire out is paramount. Our customers need to be confident that the tools and equipment on hire are reliable and won’t let them down mid-job.

That is why we only stock products from brands and manufacturers that we can trust to provide high quality, durable equipment.

Spotlight on Rems – as a renowned manufacturer of machines and tools for pipe working, REMS is one of our key suppliers for our mechanical and electrical pipe working solutions – including press fitting, pipe threading and pipe cutting.


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REMS must be superior. 

Christian Foll, Company Founder

REMS products have been synonymous with pipe working since their foundation in 1909. Because REMS are known for their highly durable products, quality control systems, and technical innovation, their products remain a popular choice for the MEP trades.

Through the application of modern construction and development techniques, the quality of REMS products has been at the fore from the beginning: Safe use, robust design, simple operation, durability.



When we bring tools and equipment on to our hire fleet, we consider customer feedback and customer demand.

  • What brands do customers like to work with?
  • What tools do they prefer for particular tasks?
  • What do they expect from a tool?

We get both positive feedback and specific requests for REMS equipment from our MEP customers.

We like that REMS products are robust and built to last. This is because, as a hire company it is essential that the tools we hire out to our customers are reliable – the last thing we want is to have to replace equipment in the middle of a job because it has broken down.

REMS have their own heat treatment shop that results in components that are resilient, robust with long- term durability. These are the very things we consider when we are looking at tools and equipment for our hire portfolio.

In addition, REMS are also famous for their comprehensive quality control system and their high safety standards.


We stock several REMS pipe work related products on our hire fleet. Some of popular REMS products include:

Press Fit Tools

Press fitting is a technique used to securely connect pipes. Whilst welding and soldering are still commonly used, press fitting has become increasingly popular. Press fitting is a method of joining two tight fitting part through friction rather than welding or soldering.

REMS Akku-Press 22v

Man holdin a REMS Akku-Press 22v

REMS’ universal, handy electric tool with automatic circuit control and pressure monitoring for producing pipe pressing joints for all common press fitting systems. Compact, handy, and ultra-fast. The Akku Press works anywhere, free hand, overhead, also in particularly tight areas.

Optimum weight distribution for single- hand operationLi-Ion 22 V Technology. For battery and corded operation.

  • Automatic circuit control and pressure monitoring
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Automatic locking of pressing tongs

Available to hire:

XL up to 108 MM 

Up to 54MM 

REMS Compact Press fitting tool

REMS Mini-press ACC 22V

REMS Mini-press ACC 22V

Universal, super handy electric tool with automatic circuit control for producing pipe pressing joints for all common press fitting systems. Designed to be super light, super small, and super handy.

  • Automatic circuit control
  • Secure crimping in seconds
  • Automatic locking of the pressing tongs

Available to hire:

Up to 28MM 

Pipe and Conduit Threaders

Pipe threaders are used to cut grooves or threads into ends of pipes and enable the pipe to be fastened to a connector.

REMS Portable Pipe/ Conduit Threader

REMS portable pipe threader - REMS Amigo 2

REMS Amigo 2 – Powerful, easy-to-operate electric tool for threading with unique, patented support bracket. Ready for use anywhere, without a vice. Ideal for repairs and renovation.

Compact, robust, job site proven. Slender design for working in confined areas.

Available to hire:

REMS Amigo 2

Pipe Cutting

Pipe cutting is the process of cutting a pipe without distorting its shape (if the pipe is distorted it will not fit correctly with other pipes). REMS offer both hand tools and machines for pipe cutting – depending on the task in hand.

REMS Reciprocating Pipe Saw 110v

Pipe Cutting - Reciprocating Pipe Saw 110v. Tiger SR

Powerful, robust, handy power tool with force-transmitting guide holder for effortless, fast, and right-angle sawing everywhere on site, without a vice. Also, for universal free-hand sawing. Weight just 3.0 kg.

  • Effortless sawing
  • Right angle sawing
  • Robust and handy.

Available to hire:


REMS CENTO – Electric Pipe Cutting Machine

Electic Pipe cutting machine

Compact, mobile pipe cutting machine for fast, right angled, cutting with no outer burr. Handy and light, only 16.8 kg. Stable, distortion-free cast construction for right angled cutting. Easy pipe-cutting through specially designed cutter wheel. Powered cutter wheel and linear advance for fast cutting.

  • Superfast
  • Right angled cutting
  • No outer burr
  • Chip free

Electric Pipe Cutting Machine

Pipe Bending

Pipe benders enable pipes to be bent in a variety of angles and directions without distorting the pipe.

REMS Curvo Electric Pipe Bender 15-28MM

Pipe Bending - Electric Pipe Bender

Universal, compact electric tool for cold bending of pipes and tubes up to 180°. Can be used anywhere, without a vice.

  • Wrinkle-free bending.
  • Universal for many pipe types.
  • Instant use without setting.
  • Fast and creep speed operation for precise bending.

Available for Hire:

REMS Curvo

Pipe Freezing

Pipe freezing is a useful, non-intrusive method to enable pipes to be worked on without requiring then to be completely drained. The contents of the pipe are quickly frozen to hold up the flow of liquid.

REMS Frigo 2F Zero Pipe Freezing Kit

REMS Frigo 2F Zero Pipe Freezing Kit

Easy, fast freezing of pipes which are not drained. Closed refrigerant circuit. Environmentally safe. For repair and extension of piping systems

Electrically freezing instead of draining

  • High Cooling capacity
  • Super-fast
  • Compact deep freezer heads

REMS Pipe Freezing Kit

Our customers depend on tools and equipment that won’t let them down. We stock REMS products because they are robust, durable, and built to last – enabling our customers to carry out their projects efficiently and without the worry of them breaking down mid-task.

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