Pipe Freezing Kit 10-60mm 110V

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Rems | R110G

Easy, fast freezing of pipes which are not drained. Closed refrigerant circuit. Environmentally safe. For repair and extension of piping systems. REMS Frigo 2 F-Zero – electrically freezing instead of draining.Super fast up to 2″. High cooling capacity, e.g. 3/4″ steel pipe in only 9 min*. Very small, patented deep-freezer heads, quickly assembled. Temperature display with LCD digital thermometer.

*ambient/water temperature 20°C.

Key Features

  • Steel, copper, plastic, composite pipes Ø 1/8–2″ Ø 10–60 mm.
  • Internal refrigerant: R-290.

28003 Pipe Freezing Kit 10-60mm 110V

Pipe Range 10 – 60mm (1/8″ – 2″)
Pipe Material  Steel, Copper, Plastic & Composite
Weight 23KG
Hose Length 2.5m
Dimensions 345 x 330 x 380mm

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