Spotlight on Armorgard – we take a closer look at Armorgard – one of the premium brands in our hire fleet.


Here at THX, we pride ourselves not only on the service we provide, but also on the quality of the products we hire out. It is essential that our customers can get on with the task-in-hand, knowing that the tools and equipment on-hire won’t let them down mid-job – delays can be both frustrating and costly.

As a tool hire company, the last thing we want is to have to replace products because they are not up to the standards our customers expect. Therefore, when we are looking at tools and equipment to bring aboard our hire fleet, we only work with brands and manufacturers that we can trust to supply products that are high quality, durable and can do the job they were designed for.

Armorgard is one of the main suppliers of our range of on-site storage solutions.


With over 30 years in the industry, Armorgard has been a key player in providing reliable, secure products built to withstand the everyday knocks that are part and parcel of the construction industry.

All our products are built on a strong foundation of security and carry the reputation of indestructible and reliable within the industry.

Spotlight on Armorgard. Armorgard logo

Armorgard’s impressive product portfolio offers a number of market leading product ranges. It has a reputation for designing and manufacturing products that are reliable, robust, and secure:

  • Equipment and tool storage
  • Work platforms and units
  • Welfare range
  • Manual handling products
  • Hazardous goods storage


We love that Armorgard products are designed perfectly for the job they need to do, understanding the environment they are used in.

Armorgard is one of our key suppliers, particularly in the arena of on-site storage, and this is down to the quality of their build. They are robust, reinforced and built to last – able to take the on-site battering that comes with busy construction sites.

And, with tool theft a costly and on-going challenge for the construction industry, products such as Armorgard’s TuffbankTM line provides high spec security and is SBD (Secured by Design) accredited.

Jorn Reeves, General Manager of THX

“It is so important to ensure we are providing reliable tools and equipment to our customers and not have to replace products due to issues with poor quality. Armorgard has been part of our hire range for years due to the quality of their products and the positive feedback we get from our customers.”

Jorn Reeves, General Manager, THX


Armorgard are one of the key suppliers of our on-site storage solutions. Helping our customers house their tools and equipment safely, securely, and efficiently whilst on-site.

Armorgard provide arrange of storage options from storing hazards chemicals to storage coffins for copper piping. And with on-site tool theft  an on-going challenge for the construction industry, Armorgard’s TuffbankTM line has accreditation, providing high spec security.

Here, we highlight some of our most frequently hired Armorgard products:

Site Security Chest

Armorgard site security chest

Part of the TuffbankTM series of tool and equipment storage, site security chests provide secure storage for your on-site tools, offering a formidable deterrent and solid barrier to help reduce the instances of tool theft on site.

Armorgard FlambankTM

Sportight on Amorgard products - Armogard Flambank.

Armorgard’s FlambankTM  is a secure vault for locking away hazardous chemicals and flammable substances. The Flambank complies with all the relevant COSHH regulations and is build to the same high specifications as the Armorgard TuffbankTM Series.

FlamStorTM Cabinet

Armorgard Flamstor cabinet

The Armorgard FlamStorTM Cabinet is a secure storage cabinet designed to store hazardous substances safely – with the specially designed flameproof vents to prevent build-up of fumes. It complies with all relevant COSHH regulations.  Solid and robust, it comes with adjustable shelving and heavy-duty 5 lever deadlocks – helping ensure all your hazardous are accessible yet safe and secure.

Gas Bottle Storage Cage

Gas storage cage

Gas bottle storage cage is specially designed to store gas cylinders safely and securely, such as butane or propane gases. Fully compliant with LPG gas storage regulations, you can rest assured that they are safe, secure, and out of reach.

FittingStor TM

Spotlight on Armorgard products - Armorgard Fittingstor

Armorgard’s FittingStorTM is designed to keep tools and components in a practical, secure environment. Its heavy-duty castors mean it is easily moved from task to task on site. Robust and reliable as you would expect from Armorgard, inside features removable shelves and removable fittings bins – making it a flexible and practical storage solution.

Armorgard Cutting Station TM

Armorgard cutting station

Available with an inbuilt Dust and Fume extraction system (SS7X), the Armorgard Cutting StationTM is a purpose-built workstation. Health and safety include sound-deadening foam (fire rated) to minimise noise pollution, and robust screenings for protection against sparks. Ideal for cutting cable tray, pipes, and conduit.

Copper Storage Coffins

Armorgard portable Pipestor

Copper piping continues to be targeted by thieves. Armorgard’s portable PipestorTM not only keeps copper piping organised, but it also serves as a deterrent with a heavy-duty door lock. It is flexible too, as it can be easily extended to take longer lengths of pipe.

Armorgard PipeRackTM

Spotlight on Armorgard - PipeRack

Flexible, mobile conduit and pipe storage solution. With 1 tonne or 2 tonne storage capacity, the Armorgard PipeRackTM ,is a cleverly designed wheeled storage rack.  Its collapsible functionality makes it easy to store and its heavy-duty castors makes it easy to move around on-site.  And as you would expect, it is durable and built to withstand demands of a construction site.

LoadallTM Folding Board Trolley

Armorgard Loadall Folding Board Trolley

The Armorgard LoadallTM a great space-saving folding trolley – ideal for transporting and storing large sheets of board. Its robust castors make it easy to manoeuvre on-site even when it is loaded up with material. Designed with the end user in mind with grab handles and side loading.

We know that our customers require reliable, high quality tools and equipment to help them carry out their projects efficiently. Which is why we stock Armorgard products. We trust their quality and so do our customers – which is reflected in the feedback we receive.

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