Pipe Rack

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Armorgard | PR1, PR2

The adaptable mobile on-site pipe and conduit storage solution. The Armorgard PipeRack™ is an innovatively designed wheeled storage rack to manoeuvre while you’re working on site. Each unit has been fully tested and certified to guarantee you a top quality product that is durable and built to last, while the fully collapsible design means that it can be easily transported and stored when not in use. PipeRack™ is available with either a 1 tonne or 2 tonne storage capacity, not to be moved whilst fully loaded.

  PR1 PR2
Max Capacity 1000 KG 2000 KG
Dimensions 1010 x 1565 x 1570mm 1010 x 1565 x 1570
Weight 83KG 101 KG

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