Armorgard Cutting Station

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Armorgard | KSS7

The Armorgard Mobile Cutting Station (110V) is a unique purpose-built work station for cutting lengths of metal, such as conduit, cable tray and pipe. Integral health and safety features include fire-rated sound deadening foam to reduce noise pollution, and PVC screens to contain and protect from sparks. The chop saw (not included) is positioned on a rubber mat to reduce vibration, while the innovative design allows the chop saw to be positioned at a safe working height, minimising risk of accident or injury. Recessed 110V inlet power supply, and 2 x 110V internal sockets. Now also available with and inbuilt Dust and Fume extraction system (SS7X).

14050 Armorgard Cutting Station

Height 1900mm
Width 1390mm or 3225mm Extended
Depth 780mm or 1090mm Extended
Weight 175KG

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