Magnetic Drilling Machine 110v

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JEI | MiniBeast

Portable electromagnetic machines for clamping onto steel plate and producing highly accurate holes. User-friendly and mounted on a stand for full control. Drilling capacity: steel – up to 35mm. Full range of cutters available from 13 – 35mm diameter.

Key Features

  • Compact size and weight – ideal for site work.
  • Internal coolant reservoir – ensuring maximum cutter life.
  • Self correcting slide rails – for maintenance free operation.
  • Light-weight – only 10kg.

16049 Magnetic Drilling Machine 110v

Weight 10KG
Cutter Capacity 35mm
Motor 1010 Watts
Height Min/Max 307 / 377mm
Speed  520 rpm
Magnetic Base Size 160mm x 80mm
HAVS <2.5 m/sec²

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