Peco Mesh Guard

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Our innovative Guards specially designed to be used on Eco’s & Peco’s and are the only manufacturer approved guards available on the market. The guards prevent the user from climbing on the frame, which is contrary to site safety rules, significantly reducing the risk of using the equipment.

They are manufactured in 3mm steel with a durable powder-coated finish to withstand the rigours of almost every working environment. They’re easy to use, coming with intelligently designed side-rail guards that are secured with locking pins, rapid set-up and take down. The corner guards are securely bolted into place, offering increased stability and safety.  All guard sets come with replacement weight limit signs which allow for the added weight of the guards. If you use an Eco or Peco, then our guards are the ideal safety product for you.

10059 Peco Mesh Guard

Peco Mesh Guard
Front Panel Size 165mm x 950mm
Side Panel Size 640mm 1020mm
Weight  19KG
Mesh Size 25mm x 25mm

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