5 kVA Tin12 Fusion Generator

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Stephill | SE5000EC

Specifically designed for butt / fusion welding applications 110/55v CTE output, conforming to TIN12 / ECE specification.

Key Features

• Main MCB overload protection.
• 2 x 16A 110V & 1 x 32A 110V BS4343 sockets.
• Reset circuit breaker overload protection.

28091 5 kVA Tin12 Fusion Generator

Voltage  110V (55V/55V) CTE
Frequency 50Hz
Prime Power 5.0 kVA / 4.0 kW
Alternator Type Brushless – Smooth Waveform
Fuel Tank Capacity 5.3 Litres
Autonomy 75% Load 2.8 Hours
LWA 96
DBA @ 7M 71
Weight 64KG

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