HDPE Fusion Welder AW315 110v 32a

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Advance Welding | AW315

This equipment is designed to weld electrofusion fittings suitable for low pressure PE pipe work systems from 32mm to 315mm diameter. The welding output of this equipment is a controlled current of 5A or 10A and a controlled voltage of 220V. It has been designed to operate on a 110V supply and has been made in a small lightweight plastic case making it easy to carry and protecting it from harsh construction site conditions. It can weld fittings commonly made by Geberit, Wavin, Valsir, Polypipe and Akatherm which are used for siphonic rainwater and waste water applications.

Key Features

  • It is dustproof and waterproof to IP65.
  • It has a safety isolating transformer.
  • It is Class 1 earthed (grounded).

28093 HDPE Fusion Welder AW315 110v 32a

Operating Modes Automatic
Welding Voltage 30V to 220V
Welding Current 5A to 13A
Welding Time 80 – 240 Seconds
Supply Voltage 110V
Supply Current 32A
Supply Power 3500W
Weight 15KG

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