New site level access to thx live

Want a faster way for site representatives to request equipment? Don’t want them to be able to see pricing and invoices? Need to check and approve all site requests first?

THX LIVE now has the answer with the new site logins to your Online Hire Hub.

Site contacts can have the access they need, but not to all the other areas you don’t want them to have access to, such as the main account details, invoices, and you can even turn off the pricing.

It is also possible to customise it so they can only see their own orders that they have placed. What’s more nothing slips by without getting your official approval providing you with certainty and control. Have it set how you want it, after all that’s what we are all about – Your Hire, Your Way!

  • No access to invoices
  • Pricing can be turned off
  • No access to main account details
  • Can be restricted to only see their own orders
  • All requests have to be approved before they become an order.

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