Spotlight on Novopress: A Leading Name in Pipe Connecting Technology

Renowned in the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing industry for their pressing units, Novopress products are consistently popular with our customers due to their quality, precision, and ease of use.

In the latest of series in our ‘Spotlight On’ articles, we take a closer look at Novopress – a premium brand on our hire fleet.


Founded in 1969, Novopress is renowned for delivering quality tools with long operating lives and user-friendly functionality.

Initially focused on the electronics sector, the company expanded into pipe connecting technology, introducing the world’s first press tool for joining press fittings and metal pipes in 1972. This milestone established Novopress as a prominent supplier of press machines for pipe connecting technology.

selection of novopress suppliers

Novopress products are supplied by carefully selected partners who meet Novopress’ criteria for quality and reliability. The selection process involves setting exceptionally high standards and evaluating potential suppliers to ensure they are capable of meeting Novopress’ long term requirements and ensuring their high standards are consistently upheld.

What we like about novopress

At THX, we place great importance not only on the service we provide, but also on the high quality of the products on our hire fleet*. It is essential for our customers to be able to carry out their tasks without any concerns, knowing that the tools and equipment they hire will not let them down in the middle of a job. We understand that delays can be both frustrating and costly.

As a tool hire company, it is our utmost priority to avoid the need for product replacements or repairs due to the equipment falling short of our customers’ expectations. Therefore, when selecting tools and equipment for our hire  fleet, we collaborate with reputable brands and manufacturers that can deliver high-quality, durable products designed to effectively perform their intended tasks.

Ian Thompson Image

Ensuring the provision of dependable tools and equipment to our customers is essential. At THX where quality tooling is paramount, we stock the range of Novopress tooling products. Novopress press tooling is recognised by most pipework system suppliers and as such, are the most widely licenced tools in the UK press market. With a very strong brand profile, proven reliability, and quality manufactured, ensuring we offer the best possible hire experience to our customers.

Ian Thompson – Commercial Director

Novopress is one of the primary suppliers of our range of pressing tools.  In terms of reputation, it is well-respected in the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing industry. Their products are recognised for their reliability, usability, and performance, and are trusted by professionals in these fields.

We like the fact that their pressfit tools are innovative, robust, and offer high performance – whilst keeping the end user in mind by being simple to handle.

Novopress pressing tools on the THX  hire fleet

The Novopress pressfit tools offered are equipped with microprocessors and incorporate various features designed to enhance safety and simplify day-to-day tasks.

Pressing Units for dimensions up to 35/40 mm

Novopress AC0103 – High performing and compact

The successor to the renowned ACO102, the  pressing unit ACO103 brings a host of additional features that further enhance the ease and safety of installations. This cutting-edge tool is specifically designed for dimensions up to 35 mm for metal and 40 mm for plastic, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Furthermore, the ACO103 has press area illumination and electronic bolt retention. The convenient LED display provides real-time battery status updates, keeping users informed at all times. With its compact size and new rotatable head, this tool offers effortless one-handed operation, enabling safe and efficient usage even in challenging installation scenarios.


15-35mm Press Kit

Pressing units for dimensions up to 108 / 110 mm

Novopress AC0203

Novopress’s ACO203 offers increased efficiency and reduced weight, catering to the needs of economic and efficient work. With their improved design and lighter construction, the tools are exceptionally handy, enabling users to tackle overhead tasks with ease.

Novopress understands the importance of visibility, which is why the new pressing tools feature an illuminating system for the press area, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging lighting conditions.

Moreover, Novopress has incorporated advanced motor technology into the ACO203, resulting in significantly reduced maintenance requirements. This enhancement allows users to achieve up to 40% more pressing cycles per battery charge.


15-54mm Press Kit

ACO203XL – a great all round performer – capable of handling large dimensions.

Novopress has raised the bar in terms of compatible pressings with this cutting-edge pressing tool –  versatile applications (12 –108 mm for metal applications and 14 –110 mm for plastic applications), rotatable head, new motor technology, and back stroke limitation. On addition it is much lighter when compared  to its predecessor, making it’s handling is easier due to the significant weight savings.  This tool weighs just 3.9 kg incl battery.

It is possible to use all authorised compatible jaws in the market with this tool This tool is designed to maximize efficiency, enabling faster pressings. With its higher efficiency, it achieves an impressive 40% more pressing cycles per battery charge* compared to its predecessor.


THX – 98.9% Hire Reliability and Proactive Fleet Renewal Programme

THX’s Proactive Fleet Renewal Programme and commitment to on-going investment provides a young, reliable fleet, with an exceptional 98.9% hire fleet reliability rate. This ensures  an uninterrupted workflow, to help keep your projects on track.

  • 98.9% Hire Fleet Reliability
  • Proactive Hire Fleet Renewal Programme
  • The youngest hire fleet for specialist contractors in the industry
  • Quality Products from Premium Brands
  • Monitored Maintenance Programme
  • On-going fleet investment

In conclusion, Novopress’ commitment to quality and innovation has established them as a trusted brand in pipe connecting technology. The pressing tools on our hire fleet offer outstanding performance, reliability, and user-friendly features, making them a top choice for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing professionals.

And, with THX’s exceptional service and hire fleet reliability, you can expect a transformative hire experience from start to finish.


Featured Product: Novopress ACO203XL

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