Missing Mobile Access Tower Components: How To Mitigate The Risk

Mobile access towers are an essential tool for construction workers, allowing them to reach high areas safely and efficiently. However, one common problem that subcontractors in the UK construction industry face is missing mobile access tower components. These missing components can cause significant delays and safety issues on construction sites.

In this post, we’ll explore the problem of missing mobile access tower components and provide practical solutions, including the use of THX HiViz series of mobile access towers, to mitigate the risk.

The Problem: missing mobile access tower components

Mobile access towers are often assembled and disassembled on construction sites, making them vulnerable to theft, misplacement, or damage. Missing components can cause delays and safety issues, as workers may not be able to access the necessary height or may use unstable alternatives, risking falls and injuries. In addition, replacement costs and time can also add to project budgets and schedules.

Statistics show that the issue of missing mobile access tower components is widespread. According to a report by the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA), the theft of plant equipment, including mobile access towers, costs the UK construction industry an estimated £800 million per year. The report also highlighted that one in three construction sites in the UK has experienced theft of equipment or materials.

Construction worker on mobile access tower

In addition, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK reports that falls from height remain one of the most common causes of workplace fatalities and injuries. Mobile access towers are commonly used in the construction industry to provide a safe working platform at height, but missing components can compromise the stability of the tower and increase the risk of falls and other accidents.

These statistics demonstrate the importance of addressing the problem of missing components on construction sites, both for the safety of workers and the financial impact on the industry.

solutions to mitigate the risk of missing components

Subcontractors can take practical steps to mitigate the risk of mobile access tower components going missing on construction sites. Here are some solutions to consider:

Keep an Inventory: Keeping an inventory of all components is a simple but effective way to ensure that nothing goes missing. Regularly checking the inventory and securing the components when not in use can help to prevent theft or misplacement.

Two workers taking inventory in a warehouse

Label the Components: Labelling components with identification numbers or colours can make it easier to identify missing parts and can act as a deterrent to theft. For example, THX’s HiViz Series has easy to identify yellow components.  Every component is powdered coated with a distinctive, high visibility yellow area – making HiViz access towers easy to identify on site.

Train Workers: Providing training to workers on the importance of securing mobile access towers and reporting missing components can help to prevent theft and misplacement.

THX HiViz Series of Mobile Access Towers: Another solution to consider is the use of THX’s HiViz Series of mobile access towers.

THX’s HiViz range of mobile access towers offers several features that can help prevent missing components and improve safety on construction sites.

THX Ltd Hi-Viz range and its benefits including EN 100401:2020 certified and high visibility colours

One of the key features of the HiViz range is its enhanced visibility. The high-visibility components make it easier to identify missing parts, reducing the likelihood of overlooking missing pieces. This can help site managers quickly identify any missing components and take appropriate action to replace them. Additionally, the high-visibility components can improve safety by making it easier for workers to see the tower in low-light conditions.

Finally, don’t forget to follow safe use guidance

Follow Industry Best Practices: The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides guidance on the safe use of mobile access towers. You may also find PASMA’s website helpful. PASMA is the not-for-profit association for the mobile access tower industry. It provides and oversees the industry standard training scheme and is a major publisher of safety-related knowledge, information and guidance.

Subcontractors can follow these guidelines to ensure that they are using mobile access towers safely and securely.

In Conclusion

Missing components from mobile access towers can cause significant delays and safety issues on construction sites. By keeping an inventory of components, labelling them, training workers, using GPS tracking, and following industry best practices, subcontractors can mitigate the risk of components going missing.

In addition, considering the use of THX HiViz series of mobile access towers can provide an extra layer of security due to their high visibility components and anti-surf system. As construction projects rely heavily on the use of mobile access towers, it’s essential to take proactive steps to secure them properly and prevent missing components from causing unnecessary project delays and costs.






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