We’re Supporting Green Friday

Here at THX, we are supporting Green Friday.

With this initiative, we will be making a donation to the Woodland Trust for every order placed with THX on Friday 24th November. In doing so, we are helping in the fight to protect woods and trees, preventing the loss of habitat, nature and carbon stores for a healthier future for all.

Tree and woodland ecosystems are particularly important as they provide clean air by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, offer protection from flooding and erosion, and improve mental well being.

The Woodland trust

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity. They create wildlife-rich woods and plant native trees to benefit nature and climate. In addition to protecting our woodlands and trees, the Woodland Trust also bring damaged woods back to life, restoring ecosystems so that nature and people can thrive.

Find out more about the Woodland Trust.


At THX, we are committed to working towards creating a more sustainable environment to protect future generations and the world around us. We recognise sustainability is a journey and a long term commitment, but believe that by working towards our target of net zero by 2040, we will have significantly lessened the footprint we leave behind as a business.

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