Uniprep 4 Rotary Scraping Tool 63x250mm

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The Uniprep 4 is a scraping tool for all SDR rated pipe between 63-250mm. The tool features a 4 edge tungsten scraping tip and lightweight die-cast aluminium body.

Key Features

  • Suitable for pipe sizes between 63-250mm
  • Lightweight die-cast aluminum body
  • Spring loaded tip for irregular shaped pipe
  • 4 sided tungsten scraping tip
  • 130mm scrape length

28127 Uniprep 4 Rotary Scraping Tool 63x250mm

Coupling Size Range: 63-250mm Ø / 2″-10″ IPS Ø
Dimensions (H x W x ):  290 x 160 x 360mm
Weight: 3.2kg
Scrape Length: 130mm
Cutting Depth: 0.25mm ± 0.05mm

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