185mm TCT Blade

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This multipurpose Circular TCT Saw Blade is the ideal blade to easily and efficiently cut through a variety of materials. The 20-tooth configuration means that materials such as aluminium, plastic, mild steel etc can be tackled quickly. The high-grade carbide teeth then ensure that this saw can be used over long periods often thanks to its durability.

Can only be used with Evolution Circular and Chop Saws.

Key Features

  • Easily cuts mild steel, aluminium, plastic, wood and wood with nails
  • High grade carbide teeth offer increased durability
  • 20 tooth configuration enables fast efficient cuts


CONS0871 185mm TCT Blade

Blade Diameter 185mm
Max Speed 3900 RPM
Bore 20 mm
Kerf (thickness) 1.7 mm
Tooth Count 20

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