Combination Ladder

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Werner, Youngman | 7252418, 34238118

The  Combi  ladder is the ideal 4 ladders in 1 package for use on the job site. This 3 section combination ladder features slip-resistant D shaped rungs, locking bars to provide additional stability and manual thumb operated locking catches to prevent sections separating this ladder. Conversion modes include a stepladder, freestanding extension ladder, stairwell and extension ladder mode. Approved to the latest EN131 standard. For Professional Use.

10089   1.84m-3.78m 10090   2.40m-5.18m 10091  2.96m-6.86m
Closed Height 1.84m 2.40m 2.96m
Extension Ladder Open Height 3.78m 5.18m 6.86m
Stairway Ladder Open Height 1.50m 3.58m 4.63m
Stepladder Open Height 1.72m 2.25m 2.78m
Max Load 150KG 150KG 150KG
Weight 12.76KG 16.26KG 21.27KG

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