Ridgid RP350 Strut Slayr (Tool Only)

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Ridgid | RP350

The RIDGID RP350 features a brushless motor that is capable of over 100,000 press cycles and requires no scheduled maintenance. Get access to hard-to-reach locations with endless 360° swivel. Featuring an advanced LED interface and lighting, it’s also the only press tool in the industry compatible with all RIDGID Standard Series jaws, rings, actuators, and attachments.

41mm x 21mm and 41mm x 411mm Strutslay heads hired separately.

Key Features

  • Brushless motor with over 100,000 cycles
  • No scheduled maintenance
  • 360° head swivel
  • Bluetooth connectivity and advanced upgraded color-coded light indicators
  • Robust LED lighting for low-light applications


28069 Ridgid RP350 Strut Slayr (Tool Only)

Head Rotation: 360° Head Swivel
Hydraulic Ram Output: 32 kN
Weight: 3.2kg
Length: 287mm
Height: 279mm
Width: 79mm
Crimp Cycle Time: Standard – 4 seconds

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