Stud Cutter – 18V Cordless

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Hikoki | CL14DSL

This cordless Stud Cutting tool gives clean cuts to mild steel studding, enabling quick assembly without further preparation.

M10 Stud Cutter supplied as standard, M8 Stud Cutter available on request.

Key Features

  • High speed cutting of studs – up to 660 per charge (M10)
  • Cuts quickly and quietly with no sparks or chips
  • Minimal damage to the workpiece
  • Multi-edged blades prolong operating life
  • Convenient stud mounting hole enables rapid cutting of uniform lengths

28045 Stud Cutter - 18V Cordless

Max Cuts Per Charge M10 – 660, M8 – 1020, M6 – 1520
Charging Time 45 Mins
Weight 2.9KG

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