Portable Aluminium Gantry

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Easy Rig | ALU-GAN-M-2M, ALU-GAN-M-3M

The Portable Aluminium Gantry is a complete, lightweight, fully customizable portable device designed for lifting loads. This gantry is ideal for lifting applications such as confined spaces, silos, rooftops, lift-shafts, water treatment works, clean environments and many more. Supplied as two A-Frames and one Beam, this Gantry is lightweight and easy to transport. A-Frames are supplied with 160mm diameter 360° castors with brake. The beam is supplied with External Trolley for lifting applications and hitch for raising the support


Beam Length 2M 3M 4M
SWL 3000KG 3000KG 3000KG
Support Height 2200-3600mm 2200-3600mm 2200-3600mm
Working Span 770mm 1770mm 2770mm
Bottom Span 1496mm 2496mm 3496mm
Weight of Gantry 144.5KG 144.5KG 153.8KG

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