Hydraulic Squeeze Tool 63-180mm

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Caldertech | Squeeze Tool

The heavy duty hydraulic squeeze tool is designed for flow control or temporary closure of large size pipes between 63-180mm. Generating a force of 15 tonnes the hydraulic jack will close PE pipes of any standard wall thickness within the size range.

Permanent pipe damage is prevented by correct use of buffer stop plates. When under squeeze conditions, screwing down the lock pins will prevent any loss of squeeze caused by a reduction in hydraulic pressure.



Key Features

  • Pipe range: 63-180mm
  • 15 tonne Weber jack
  • External retractor springs
  • Buffer stop plates to prevent pipe damage
  • Screw down lock pins
  • Designed to meet standard GIS/PL2-7

28126 Hydraulic Squeeze Tool 63-180mm

Pipe Size Range: 63 – 108mm Ø
Dimensions (H x W x L): 750 x 370 x 100mm
Weight: 36kg
Material: Mild steel EN3A, chrome plated tube
Hydraulic Powered Jack: 15 tonne

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