Floor Standing Copper Pipe Bender 15-42mm

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Benditnow | BC42

The BC42 Copper Pipe Bending Machine is capable of bending 15mm, 22mm, 28mm, 35mm, and 42mm copper pipe. The formers and guides are precision machined aluminium for improved accuracy and ease of use throughout the bend. The BC42 Conduit Bending Machine is supplied with a soft grip extension lever for user comfort and a carrying handle for ease of transportation.

Key Features

  • Ripple free installations
  • Larger frame allows for larger former diameters
  • Soft grip extension handle
  • Finite adjustment is achieved with the adjustable bending lever

28015 Floor Standing Copper Pipe Bender 15-42mm

Bending Capabilities: 15,22,28,35 & 42mm
Material: Copper
Height: 1150mm
Weight: 35kg

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