Diamond Blades

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Diamond Cutting Blade with Key Hole Gullet design for less chipping and reduced vibration. Good speed of cut and long life. For use with Hard bricks, lightly reinforced concrete, concrete kerbs, beams, lintels and flags, facing bricks, general purpose.

Key Features

  • 12mm Segment Height
  • Segmented Key Hole Gullets
  • Reduced Vibration
  • Less Chipping
Diameter Bore SizeĀ 
CONS008 115mm (4.5″) 22.23mm
CONS009 125mm (5″) 22.23mm
CONS010 230mm (9″) 22.23mm
CONS011 300mm (12″) 20.00mm
CONS012 (Floor Saw) 350mm (14″) 25.40mm
CONS013 450mm (18″) 25.40mm

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