Delta Deck (0.45m – 0.87m Platform)

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Pop Up | D10057

Delta Deck is a low level access platform which is height adjustable and has inbuilt guardrails.

The simple one piece design means Delta Deck is quickly assembled and dismantled.

Delta deck is height adjustable, its platform can be at any of the following levels: 450, 530, 600, 730 and 870mm above floor level. This is achieved by extending the legs -the bottom inner leg extends from inside the upper part of the leg frame to give increased height. DeltaDeck is only available in one version, you only have to buy one DeltaDeck for all the varying platform heights.

10625 Delta Deck (0.45m - 0.87m Platform)

Delta Deck
Platform Heights 450,530,600,730,870mm
Max Working Height 3.0m
Assembled Dimensions 1.90m x 0.76m x 1.12m
Folded Dimensions 1.12m x 0.76m x 0.31m
Weight 27KG
Safe Working Load 200KG

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