GRP Stepladder

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Werner | 7160618, 52744818, 7161018, 7161218

Constructed using seven layer fibreglass, the GRP swingback stepladder has non-conductive stiles and is the best overall material choice when needing to work at height. This fibreglass stepladder features a multi-functional holster top to keep tools organised securely on the ladder, ultimately reducing the number of trips up and down the ladder. Other design features include slip-resistant steps for comfortable standing and heavy duty bracing at the bottom providing enhanced strength and to prevent rail damage. Ideal for most types of jobs, in particular working around electricity. Approved to the latest EN131 standard. For Professional Use.

6 Tread  8 Tread 10 Tread 12 Tread
Safe Working Height 2.59m 3.15m 3.70m 4.26m
Ladder Height (Open) 1.67m 2.23m 2.79m 3.34m
Ladder Height (Closed) 1.84m 2.42m 3.02m 3.62m
Max Load 150KG 150KG 150KG 150KG
Weight 8.8KG 11.6KG 16.5KG 19.6KG

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