110V Twin Head LED with Power Take off

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Elite | LED35WRLDH

This LED Twin Head light is mounted on a tripod stand and is adjustable to 2.2 meters. The Elite Range of LED lighting is a commercial range of indoor and outdoor site lighting and offers a number of advantages over conventional lighting systems as LED bulbs have a longer life span, use less wattage and produce more lumen.

Key Features

  • Features Power Take Off
  • IP Rating IP65 (light head) and IP44 (Plug)
  • 5m cable length
  • LED lighting is 95% efficient compared with 5% for halogen bulbs and 85% for fluorescent tubes.

22056 110V Twin Head LED with Power Take off

Power: 2 x 35 watts
Lumens: 11000 Lumens
Input Voltage: 110 V
Input Plug: 16 A
Height (retracted): 1.55m
Height (extended):  2.2m
Weight: 9kg

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