Spotlight on Geberit Press Fitting Tools

In the plumbing systems industry, precision, reliability, and efficiency are paramount. Companies such as Geberit stand out for their innovative solutions that streamline pipe and plumbing installation processes, ensuring a first-class performance.

Now a leader in global sanitary products and systems, Geberit has established itself as a hallmark of quality and innovation in the plumbing industry, celebrating a history now spanning 150 years in 2024. Originating in Switzerland, the company has now expanded its footprint worldwide, earning the trust or professionals and Contractors alike.

Geberit press fitting tools

Press fitting technology has revolutionised plumbing installations, offering a faster, safer, and more cost-effective alternative to traditional soldering or threading methods. Geberit’s press fitting tools embody this, representing precision and ergonomic designs for efficient operation. These tools help to create leak-proof connections that endure the test of time, ensuring optimal functionality for plumbing systems of all scales.

geberit mapress systems

Geberit Mapress is a hazard-free alternative to soldering copper pipework, with no open flame required to make a secure connection. Mapress is available in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper, and CuNiFe, and is suitable for use on supply systems including heating, cooling, gas, and potable water. You can find out more about the Geberit Mapress System Here.

the aco series of press-tool

ACo103: 15-35mm

The ACO103 is the lighest Geberit press tool, weighting just 1.7kg and can press in just a few sections. Engineered for versatility, this compact press tool excels in tight spaces, allowing installer to navigate challenging environments with ease. Its lightweight design and intuitive controls enhance manoeuvrability making it a go-to choice for professionals working on pipe capacities between 15-35mm. It gives you 180 presser per charge with charging times between 30 and 60 minutes.


ACo203: 15-67mm

Building upon the success of its predecessor, the 103, the ACO203 raises the bar with enhanced features and capabilities. Thanks to its improved design, the 203 is even handier and makes it easier to work with in overhead situations with pipe capacities between 15-67mm. Even in difficult lighting situations, the ACO203 allows for the illumination of the press area. The need for maintenance is also significantly reduced because of brushless motor technology and up to 40% more press cycles can be performed per battery charge. It gives you up to 250 presses per charge with charging times between 45-75 mins.


ACo203XL: 15-108mm

For products demanding larger capacities and more efficiency, the ACO203XL is the tool for the job. Designed to tackle heavy-duty operations with ease, this tool combines durability with functionality. The ACO203XL is even lighter and handier, weighing only 3.9kg including the battery. It features veratile applications through 15-108mm pipe capacities and has a rotatable head and back stroke limitation. The ACO203XL can also press up to 250 cycles per battery charge, with charging times between 45-75 mins.


Why we like Geberit press fitting tools

With the dynamic nature of the pipework and plumbing industries, Geberit are one of the brands who stand out for continually pushing boundaries and setting industry norms. We know that our customers require reliable, high-quality tools and equipment to help them carry out their tasks efficiently. The Geberit press fitting tools on our hire fleet offer outstanding performance, reliability, and user-friendly features, making them a top choice for mechanical, electrical, and plumbing professionals.

We also implement a Proactive Fleet Renewal Programme with commitment to on-going investment to provide a young, reliable fleet.

  • 98.9% hire fleet reliability rate
  • One of the youngest hire fleets for specialist contractors in the industry
  • Quality Products from Premium Brands
  • Monitored Maintenance Programme
  • On-going fleet investment

Here at THX, we also stock a complete range of Press Fitting tools for Xpress and other Press Fitting Systems on our hire fleet, so we have your needs covered, no matter the task at hand.

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