Featured Product: The BOSS PA LIFT

The BoSS PA Lift is a next generation push around scissor lift, replacing the highly popular X3 and X3X models, incorporating all the latest technologies and advanced safety features. With a sleek new chassis design, the PA Lift is simple to operate and built to cater for a multitude of tasks including building and construction, fit and strip out, general maintenance and specialist contracting.


The BoSS PA Lift boasts plenty of benefits for all of your access requirements:

Innovation: With built-in impact protection guards to protect internal finishes from damage, the PA Lift also utilises the latest in control technology with both smartphone and tablet integration to quickly diagnose faults and reduce downtime.

Safety: Featuring an overhead proximity sensor for head protection, tilt and overload warning lights, alarms and interlocks, as well as an easy to access single stage emergency descent – the PA Lift ensures a safety-first approach to your construction projects.

Maneuverability: The PA Lift is equipped with heavy-duty non marking castors and fits through a single doorway or into a passenger lift.

Accessibility: With a 5.4m maximum working height and a class leading 3.4m maximum platform height (indoors), the BoSS PA Lift is an excellent alternative to steps and ladders onsite.


Maximum Working Height5.4m
Maximum Platform Height3.4m
Platform Length1.28m
Platform Width0.63m
Overall Width0.76m
Machine Height (Stowed)1.76m
Weight375 kg
Maximum Load Point Per Wheel 0.26 kN/cm²
PA Lift

…And don’t forget

You can also hire the BoSS PA Lift with the Confined Space Guardrail accessory to safely access through the grid of a suspended ceiling or into other restricted spaces.


Available to Hire at THX

THX have a comprehensive stock of BoSS PA Lift’s at our THX Superhub – available to hire with next day delivery and a guaranteed two-hour delivery slot. We stock a full range of Push Around Verticals for all your access needs and with our Proactive Fleet Renewal Programme and commitment to on-going investment, you can rely on us to provide a young, reliable fleet, with an exceptional 98.9% hire fleet reliability rate.

Get in touch with a member of our Customer Xperience Team to see how we can assist you with your construction projects.

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