Boss PA Lift 5.4m WH

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Boss | PA-lift

The BoSS PA-lift is a next generation push around scissor lift, replacing the BoSS X3 and BoSS X3X models.  This new machine incorporates all the latest technology, and a host of advanced safety features, including an overhead proximity sensor for head protection. The BoSS PA-lift is simple to operate, and the new sleek chassis design has built-in impact protection to guard against damage to internal finishes. Utilising the latest control technology with smartphone integration, faults are diagnosed quickly, reducing machine downtime.

  • Class leading 3.4m platform height indoors
  • Fits through a standard doorway or into a passenger lift
  • Tilt and overload warning lights, alarm, and interlocks
  • Overhead obstruction detection with alarm frequency increase and interlocks

10266 Boss PA Lift 5.4m WH

Max Working Height 5.4m (indoors)
4.6m (outdoors)
Platform Height 3.4m (indoors)
2.6m (outdoors)
Platform Length 1.28m
Platform Width 0.63m
Overall Width 0.76m
Machine Height (Stowed) 1.76m
Machine Length (Stowed) 1.43m
Weight 375KG
Max Point Load per Wheel 0.26kN/cm2
Capacity 250KG

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