Wooden Slatted Panel Trolley C/W Brake

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Armorgard | LA1500-PRO

The Armorgard Loadall LA1500 is used to facilitate the movement of awkward sheet materials of up to 3m long on site with a high-capacity of 1500kg. Ideal for glass, plasterboard, conti-board, timber etc. The wooden slats help protect the surface from any damage such as scratches as well as providing extra support horizontally.

Featuring the SafeStop™ deadman brake system and built in ratchet straps allowing the user to safely secure and transport the load.

Key Features

  • 1500kg capacity
  • With a high-capacity of 1500kg, this trolley means fewer trips
  • Four swivel castors provide stability and manoeuvrability with a 360° turning circle
  • The sturdy rubber wheels and deadman braking system ensure you are always firmly in control

23105 Wooden Slatted Panel Trolley C/W Brake

Weight: 155kg
SWL: 1500kg
Dimensions (Handle Redacted): 2015mm x 180mm x 1210mm

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