Welding Pipe Roller

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A classic-style folding mobile pipe stand jack for welding and cutting pipe designed with a V-shaped head. The pipe roller is designed for stability with three legs that fold outward from the body with a ring and safety catches. The body extends low for added support for the legs, lowering the centre of mass for added stability.

Supplied with either a Steel or Nylon roller head perfect for supporting general purpose materials. (Steel roller head not suitable for stainless steel)

Key Features

  • Folds up for storage ease
  • Fast-action lock washer for quick height positioning
  • Set screw for double margin of safety
  • Set screw can lock jack head to stand for transportation
Welder Stand
Capacity 1,135kg
Min Height 750mm
Max Height 1,200mm
Weight 11kg


 Roller Heads
Roller Type Steel Nylon
Load Capacity 450kg 450kg
Outer Diameter (mm) 12-355mm 12-355mm
Weight 1.3kg 1.1kg

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