Victaulic Portable Roll Groover VE272SFS 2″-12″

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Victaulic | VE272

The Victaulic VE272SFS roll groover is a powerful unit for grooving carbon, steel, aluminium, copper, and PVC pipes between 2″-12″ in diameter. Allowing for efficient and precise grooving, this tool is commonly used in Plumbing, HVAC and Fire Protection systems.

Comes equipped with RIDGID 300 Power Drive and stand.

Key Features

  • Hand pump operation with a unique pivot arm
  • Enhanced tracking rolls help to keep the pipe on the tool
  • Comes complete with safety guards and safety foot switch

28404 Victaulic Portable Roll Groover VE272SFS 2"-12"

Capacity: 2″-12″
Weight: 84kg

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