Turntable Truck Pro C/W Brakes

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Armorgard | TT1-PRO

Designed to take full strain of transporting bulk quantities of material and equipment. This Turntable Truck features large, puncture proof solid rubber wheels, a raised heavy duty deck for good ground clearance and easy loading and a precision steering mechanism for easy manoeuvring.

Featuring an innovative SafeStop™ deadman brake system, the brakes are always engaged until you pull  the handle, making TT1-PRO even more user friendly and safer to handle on slopes.

Key Features

  • 1000kg Weight loading capacity and large deck size – 700x1220x460mm
  • Ergonomic steering mechanism  for easy manoeuvring
  • A robust, stable trolley with sturdy rubber wheels


23104 Turntable Truck Pro C/W Brakes

SWL 1000kg
Deck Size 700mm x 1220mm x 460mm
Weight 70kg

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