Ritmo Butt Fusion Welder up to 250mm

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The VR 250 is a professional liquid drainage butt fusion welding machine ideal for medium sized pipes up to Ø 250 mm. Consisting of a machine body with a pressure regulating device, a pair of clamps, two lateral supports, an electrically controlled milling cutter for preparing the ends of the pipe and/or fitting, a removable heating plate with automatic device to control the temperature, a sliding support and a steel case that acts as a work bench and cover when transporting the machine. The VR 250 can weld fittings such as bends and tees.

Key Features

  •  Machine body with a milling cutter and lateral supports
  •  TP 250 TE plate
  • Right and Left clamp with inserts from 75 – 250mm diameter
  • Lateral support adapters for the above sizes
  • Working/transport steel case

28151 Ritmo Butt Fusion Welder up to 250mm

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Model: VR250
Welding Material: HDPE, PP, Pb, PVDF
Working Range: 75mm – 250mm
Power Supply: 230 V single phase 50/60 Hz
Max. Absorbed Power: 2200 W
Working Temperature:  180° – 280°
Outside Temperature Range: -5º – 40°
Dimensions: 835 x 1240 x 1530mm
Weight: 123kg

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