Hi Viz Stair Access Tower

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Hi Viz | Stair Access Tower

For safe access on both industrial and domestic staircases. The Hi Viz Stair Access Tower comes in variable sizes up to 10.7m.

Easy access from both sides of the stairwell unit to the platform is provided by portal frames. Simply open and close the gate, walk through the frame then climb the ladder. The portal frame design solves the common access problems experienced on narrow staircases.

Key Features

  • 0.7m wide unit
  • Featuring special narrow base plates, adjustable legs and non-slip platform boards
  • 5 Sizes Available – up to 10.7m
3.25m – 10861 5.1m – 10862 6.96m – 10863 8.81m – 10864 10.67m – 10865
Platform Height 2.25m 4.10m 5.96m 8.81m 9.67m
Platform Width 0.7m 0.7m 0.7m 0.7m 0.7m
Platform Length 1.21m 1.21m 1.21m 1.21m 1.21m
Max Safe Working Load (Structure) 750kg 750kg 750kg 750kg 750kg
Max Safe Working Load (Platform) 250kg 250kg 250kg 250kg 250kg

*Height is measured from the lowest step.

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