FittingStor c/w Fixed Bins

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The Armorgard Fittingstor Mobile Fittings Cabinet is the perfect solution for securing and organizing copper fittings, cable, and tools on site or in your van. Its heavy-duty sheet steel construction ensures maximum durability and protection for your valuable equipment. Fitted with fixed bins.

Key Features

  • 2x 5-lever deadlock
  • Standard 6″ castors, forklift skids and recessed handles for easy manoeuvrability
  • Slide out welded shelves and compartments for easy access and organization

23101 FittingStor c/w Fixed Bins

Weight 125kg
Material and Thickness 1.5mm and 2.5mm Steel
Height 1575mm (external) / 1180mm (internal)
Width 1120mm (external) / 930mm (internal)
Depth 575mm (external) / 515mm (internal)

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