Electric Chain Hoist 1 ton

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Various height of Lifts available from up to 10m on two falls of load chain, and is able to lift at a speed of 2.5 metres per minute. Thanks to the lightweight and compact design of this single phase chain hoist, it can be transported to and around a number of locations with ease, making it ideal for a variety of lifting applications. Its heavy duty and modular build also makes the electric chain hoist easy to look after and extremely resilient, thereby extending the overall service life of the product.

When powering from a generator you will need a 3.9kw Genset

Key Features

  • A 3 mtr pendant control with an emergency stop
  • A chainbag.
  • A 5 mtr power supply cable and plug.

27025 Electric Chain Hoist 1 ton

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SWL 1000KG
Chain Length 10M
Speed 2.5 m/sec
Power Supply 110V 50Hz

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