Counter Balance Genie Materials Lift

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Genie, Wienold | SLK25, SLK15, SLK20

The Wienold superlift with counterweights is able to work flush up against a wall and over obstacles. With a lift capacity from 295kg to 360kg, it handles heavy loads with ease, making it ideal for installation, ventilation and heating applications. By moving the outriggers and counterbalancing weights to the back, the superlift can raise and lower materials from the front, to a height of up to 7.9m.

Model SLK 15 SLK 20 SLK 25
Max Lift Height 5.0m 6.5m 7.9m
SWL 360KG 360KG 295KG
Weight (Inc Counter Weights) 284KG 316KG 334KG
Stowed Height 1.98m 1.98m 1.98m
Stowed Width 0.80m 0.80m 0.80m
Stowed Length 0.90m 0.90m 1.02m

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