Cordless Pipe Recip Saw up to 6″

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Rothenberger | Rotiger CL

The ROTIGER CL can be used not only as a dismantling tool, but also for preparing a new installation. The ROTIGER CL can be used in a variety of ways, making it a very efficient tool in confined spaces, shafts or cavities. The chain 6” pipe tensioning clamp holding adapter guarantees a clean 90° cut. Featuring a CAS battery system.

Supplied with 2 x batteries.

Key Features

  • Pipe holding adapter ensure a highly precise 90° cut for pipes up to 6″
  • Powerful brushless motor for a long, maintenance-free service life
  • Vario Electronics allow you to work with material-specific stroke rates

11192 Cordless Pipe Recip Saw up to 6"

Working Diameter (inches) 1/8″ – 6″
Working Diameter (mm) 10mm – 152.4mm
Battery System Li0-Ion / Li-Po Battery
Battery Capacity 8 Ah

Cutting Materials: Aluminium, Thin-walled Steel Pipe, Cast Iron, Wood, Copper, Brass, Steel, Plastic Coated Pipes, MSR, PB, PE, PEX, PP, PVC, PVDF, Sound Absorbing Drain Pipes