Boss X3X Work Platform

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Boss | X3X

BoSS X3X push around scissor lift fits through standard doorways, is easy to manoeuvre and has many safety features. The tallest of the two BoSS X-Series models, the BoSS X3X has a safe working height of 5.2 metres.
The machine is designed for a multitude of tasks including building and construction, particularly fit and strip out, shop fitting, painting and decorating, general maintenance, cleaning as well as facilities management. The BoSS X3X is used on construction sites and in hospitals, schools, airports, shopping centres, retail outlets, transport environments, factories and offices.

10264 Boss X3X Work Platform

Platform Width 0.57m
Platform Length 1.25m
Platform Height 3.2m
Max Capacity 240KG
Machine Length 1.41m
Machine Width 0.76m
Safe Working Height 5.2m
Machine Weight 370KG

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