Why Quality Hire Tools and Equipment Matter to your Construction Projects

Unpacking the importance of ensuring high quality hire tools and equipment on your construction projects:

In the dynamic world of UK construction, reliability is central to the success of any project. Every step in the construction process is important, and any disruption can trigger a domino effect on project schedules and budgets. Identifying the causes of delays and mitigating those risks can help keep project delivery on track.

In this article, we will look at the growing prevalence of delays in construction, focusing on the area of hire tools and equipment. For example, showing how using quality tooling can help mitigate delays caused by equipment breakdowns, and the positive impact of working alongside a hire company that offers a young, reliable fleet and the benefits it can bring to your construction projects.


Statistics show that delays in UK construction projects are on the rise. In a recent 2022 survey carried out by Cornerstone Projects , they found that 91% of respondents had been involved in a delayed project. This is a 60% increase on the previous survey they carried out in 2016. Other interesting results from their survey included:

  • 28% of respondents estimated that over 50% of construction projects experienced delays (compared to just 15% in 2016).
  • 27% of respondents estimated that projects had been delayed by 21-30% over the original estimated delivery time
  • 45% of respondents estimated delays added more than 20% to the overall cost of the project.

While clearly the causes and consequences of these delays vary considerably, even seemingly minor delays can eat into project delivery timelines and costs.


Looking at the area of hire tools and equipment in more detail, what impact can using poor quality tooling have on projects?

Project Delays:  Tool and Equipment breakdown can contribute to project delays. These delays can range from hours to days, significantly affecting project timelines and client expectations. Whilst improper usage can cause breakdowns, the quality of the tools and equipment is also a key factor in breakdowns.

Increased Costs: Unexpected equipment failures can increase project costs. These additional expenses can include repair costs, overtime for workers, and potential penalties for missed project milestones.

Loss of Productivity:  Even a single equipment breakdown can lead to a reduction in productivity for the affected project team. This reduction in efficiency impacts both project quality, schedules, and ultimately profitability.

support with reducing stress on construction sites

Safety Implications:

Tools and equipment that are not built, maintained, and serviced to high standards may malfunction or break during use. This can lead to accidents such as falls, electrical shocks, or objects falling on workers, causing injuries or even fatalities. Indeed, according to the Health and Safety Executive , the fatal injury rate in the UK construction industry is around 4 times that of the all-industry rate.


What are some of the main benefits of ensuring you are working with reliable tools and equipment on the job?

Minimised Downtime: Choosing to hire tools and equipment from a company providing quality tooling  from renowned manufactures  significantly lowers the risk of breakdowns. Quality tooling will be less prone to failures and will operates at peak efficiency, ensuring your projects progress smoothly without unexpected interruptions and downtime.

Enhanced Safety: Older, poorly maintained equipment can pose safety hazards for your workforce. Hiring from a company with a young fleet  means you gain access to cutting-edge safety features and technology, reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries on the job site.

Cost-Efficiency: Hiring from a hire company with reliable tools and young fleet offers cost advantages. Newer tools are more energy-efficient, require less maintenance, and are less likely to breakdown mid task.

Flexibility and Scalability: The hire model allows you to access a diverse range of equipment for specific projects without the long-term commitment of ownership. This flexibility ensures you have the right tools for each job without straining your budget.

Expert Support: Reputable hire companies don’t just provide reliable equipment; they offer expert support and advice. You can rely on their expertise to keep your projects running smoothly and avoid costly disruptions.


For construction companies, partnering with a hire company that has a primarily young fleet of dependable tools and equipment is not just a convenience, but an advantage. At THX, we provide exceptional hire fleet reliability through implementing a series of measures to ensure that the tools and equipment we have on our fleet won’t let you down mid-task.

Our Measures:

98.9% Hire Fleet Reliability Rate

We actively monitor and assess our hire fleet reliability rate by measuring the overall real-time percentage of our tools and equipment out on hire with no reported breakdowns.

In addition, we also drill right down to individual customer level, reporting the actual number of breakdowns in real-time that have occurred in the last 30 days on tools and equipment you have on hire with us.

Proactive Fleet Renewal Programme – Ensuring a Young Hire Fleet

Our Proactive Fleet Renewal Programme regularly reviews and renews our hire fleet to ensure we have up-to-date equipment and quality tooling in stock, ready to hire out to customers.

An essential part of our programme is our ongoing commitment to hire fleet investment. This is reflected in the fact that we have one of the youngest hire fleets in the industry.

Monitored Maintenance Programme

We conduct  pre-emptive on-site testing to ensure timely compliance on equipment in use on-site. For example, LOLER certification for lifting, MEWPS, and low-level access.

Our continuous inspection and maintenance programme carried out by our highly experienced team of skilled workshop technicians provides customers with the reassurance that the tools and equipment they have on hire from THX are in top working order having been rigorously tested and inspected prior to being approved as ‘Ready for Hire’.

Working with Renowned Brands

We only select tools and equipment from trusted brands that are known for their quality and durability. We want our customers to be confident that the tooling they hire from us will perform as expected, avoiding the need for replacements mid-project.

In Conclusion:

In the UK construction industry, partnering with a hire company that maintains a predominantly young fleet of dependable tools and equipment is a sensible decision. The  consequences of equipment breakdowns can extend beyond inconvenience and impact project timelines, inflate costs, and potentially impact your reputation.

By opting to work alongside a hire company with a young and well-maintained fleet, you not only minimise downtime and costs but also position your projects for success.


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