Spotlight On RIDGID: A Century of Excellence in Pipe Connecting Technology

For a century, RIDGID have been at the forefront of the pipe connecting industry, delivering top quality tools and a host of innovative solutions. Founded in 1923, RIDGID is well known for the quality, reliability, and performance of its products. In this Spotlight On article, we celebrate RIDGID’s 100th year in the field and explore why their products have been so successful and highlighting some of the most popular products we have available on our hire fleet.


In 2023, RIDGID celebrates a significant milestone – 100 years of success in the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing industry. Since 1923, RIDGID has been synonymous with cutting-edge tools designed for construction professionals, from what started as a small pipe wrench to setting industry standards for reliability and innovation.

RIDGID’s product portfolio has now expanded to include a wide range of tools, all designed to meet the unique needs of professionals working with pipes, plumbing systems, and other infrastructure components.


Here at THX, we like RIDGID products due to their commitment to producing robust, long-lasting tools specifically made for construction professionals, making them a preferrable choice. The reliability of their products ensures that workers can trust their tools to perform, day in, day out. We put a large emphasis on our 98.9% Hire Fleet Reliability, therefore at THX we always try to partner with suppliers like RIDGID who are known for their quality and durability. We want our customers to be confident that the tooling they hire from us will perform as expected, avoiding the need for replacements mid-project.

THX stock a wide range of RIDGID products on our hire fleet due to their innovative, yet user friendly design. Whilst continually investing in research and development, RIDGID products innovative solutions have often set the standard for the industry, making tasks easier, safer, and more efficient.

At THX, we take pride in providing our customers with not only excellent service but also access to high-quality tools and equipment. We understand that the reliability of the equipment we offer is critical for our customers to complete their tasks efficiently and on time. This is where RIDGID comes in as one of our primary suppliers.

RIDGID’s commitment to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with our mission to offer the best hire experience possible. Here are some of the key benefits of having RIDGID tools on our hire fleet:

Dependability: RIDGID tools are renowned for their reliability, ensuring that professionals can trust their equipment to perform consistently.

Efficiency: RIDGID’s user-friendly design and innovative features make tasks more efficient, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

Versatility: RIDGID’s wide range of tools covers various applications in the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing sectors, ensuring that our customers have access to the right tool for the job.

Innovation: We appreciate RIDGID’s commitment to innovation, which ensures that our customers have access to cutting-edge tools that make their work easier and safer.

Global Reputation: RIDGID’s global reputation for excellence gives our customers confidence in the tools they hire from us.

User Satisfaction: RIDGID values user feedback and continually improves its products based on real-world use, ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

Ian Thompson, Commercial Director, THX

As our extraordinary growth journey continues, we need grade A suppliers to help support our expansion aspirations. THX have been delighted to partner with RIDGID as a preferred supplier of Pipe-working tools and equipment. As a business we constantly strive to offer the best and most reliable products available to the market. Ridgid products are not only in high demand from our customers, but also and have excellent working life and generally have the least down time by way of breakdowns on site, helping our customers to complete the work within agreed project timescales


We are delighted to offer a wide range of RIDGID products on our hire fleet to cater to the diverse needs of professionals in the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing industry. Some of the standout RIDGID products available for hire include:


Providing a powerful and accurate threading operation for larger pipes, the RIDGID 300 is mountable with a foldable stand for fast transport and set up, with a pipe capacity of ½” – ¾” and 1” – 2”.  The RIDGID 300 can be used for both threading and roll grooving when used with the 918 Roll Groover attachment.  


The RIDGID 300 Compact pipe threader is suitable for the threading, cutting, and reaming of steel pipes and comes with a folding wheel stand and foot-switch. Featuring a self-contained through-the-head oil system with adjustable flow control. Suitable for pipe with a capacity of ½” – 2″


The RIDGID 258 models of Pipe Cutters are displacement cutters that provide square cuts powered by the no. 700 Power Drive. A square cut with minimal burr on either 21ft (6m) or nipple lengths of pipe is achieved quickly without abrasive dust, sparks, or open flame. The RIDGID 258 has a 2 ½ ” to 8” pipe diameter cutting capacity, whilst the 258XL offers an 8” – 12” pipe cutting capacity.

ridgid 1233 pipe threader 1/2″ – 3″ 110v

The 1233 Pipe Threader provides a powerful and accurate threading operation for larger pipes, mounted on a foldable, wheeled stand for ease of transportation. Features constant and proper lubrication of dies and workpiece with through head oiling – threading 1/8” – 3” pipe at 36 RPM.


The Strutslayr is powered by the RP 350, featuring a brushless motor capable of over 100,000 press cycles – delivering fabrication shop quality, burr free strut channel cuts on the jobsite. With the simple pull of the trigger, the Strutslayr offers a clean, consistent cut with no grinding or sawing sparks. Available with 41 x 21 mm dies or 41 x 41 mm dies.


Dies for use on a variety of different RIDGID pipe threading machines including ½” – ¾”, 1” – 2”, and 2.5” – 3”. For the RIDGID 300, 300 Compact, 535, 1233 and 1244 pipe threaders.


RIDGID’s century of operation in the pipe connecting field has firmly established them as a trusted brand for professionals. Their innovative tools, commitment to quality, and user-friendly design have made them a top choice for those in the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing industries. Having RIDGID tools on our hire fleet allows us to provide our customers with access to high-quality, dependable equipment that enhances their work. With THX’s exceptional service and hire fleet reliability, you can expect a transformative hire experience from start to finish.

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