Diesel Products Now Supplied With HVO Fuel

As part of our continued commitment towards sustainability, diesel products will now be supplied with HVO fuel. HVO fuel provides the same high level of performance and reliability as traditional diesel, while being cleaner and more eco-friendly.

WHAT is hvo fuel?

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is a renewable and sustainable alternative to traditional diesel fuel. It is produced from renewable sources such as vegetable oils and waste fats, and it produces up to 90% fewer CO2 emissions compared to traditional diesel fuel. HVO is also biodegradable and non-toxic, making it a much cleaner and safer alternative for the environment.

Green HVO Fuel box

And, Don’t Forget…

Fuel Box Green D+ HVO is available to purchase from THX. Green D+ HVO is a renewable and sustainable white diesel replacement suitable for all diesel-powered vehicles and industrial powered generators.



HVO fuel has several other advantages over traditional diesel. It has a longer shelf life and better storage stability, making it easier to handle and transport. It also has better cold-weather performance, making it a more reliable choice for use in colder climates.

THX pressure washer with green HVO fuel sticker

So be sure to keep your eye out for our green HVO stickers!

SUSTainability at thx

We are a Certified Carbon Neutral business and committed to working towards creating a more sustainable environment to protect future generations and the world around us.

We recognise that sustainability is a journey and a long term commitment, but believe that by working towards our target of net zero by 2040, we will have significantly lessened the footprint we leave behind as a business.

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