With over 10 years’ experience behind us, here at THX we are passionate in bringing to you the latest in our comprehensive hire range. Through our distinctive capabilities of (a) ability to understand industry issues, (b) ability to deliver and collect on time & (c) ability to communicate with all parties we are able to offer what we believe is the most professional, extensive and reliable hire service to the fit-out and refurbishment trades. From the office buyers to site managers we know the secret to a successful project outcome is the reliance on the people around you, at THX you get more than just experts, you get Hire Xperts.

OUR Core Values (H.I.R.E)

Humility always ready to listen and learn
Innovative challenging the status quo with new ideas and services
Refreshing excellent customer service experience
Energetic ready to assist you from 6am to 6pm each day

The products you need when you need them
We guarantee you a hassle free hire
Our unique thx stream service
Platinum and premium account options
Earn rewards with thx loyalty scheme